Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A different type of Artschool...

(Roughly translated: "You've a long way to go mate!")

I took a time-out from drawing for a year or so whilst captivated by ninja lore.

At a purely physical level, the 'Bujinkan' system is quite well suited to those of us with a creative rather than mathematical mindset because the central concept stems from awareness of 'nagare' or flow from one instant to the next. So instead of responding to "Attack B" with "Defence C" - the techniques meld into the subconscious self in the way that anyone who can type or drive a car will be aware of and soon you can chat about football while someone is trying to cut your throat or whatever.

Well, maybe not! And even 'mastery' is no guarantee of safety but it's worth a taster or more to develop confidence and a supple physique; so they say.

By 1992, I'd taken up circuit training instead because even minor gymnastics get the better of me; to say nothing of the Japanese terminology and seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of technique that became somewhat difficult to integrate while learning carpentry.

Maybe when there's another decent clearance in all the clutter. . .

Back then though the drawing board was calling me back and eventually the pangs became more brutal than some of the classes!

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